Join us in Miami for SPECTRUM 2024

January 11-14, 2024

The SPECTRUM conference brings together top oncology KOLs and offers attendees a comprehensive review of a variety of oncological diseases, combined with the latest developments in medical, interventional and surgical therapeutic options across multiple disciplines

Epione by Quantum Surgical at SPECTRUM Conference

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Lunch Symposium

Saturday, January 13th, 12.35pm - 1.10pm

During this lunch session, 2 renowned users of our Epione® robotic platform, Dr. Govindarajan Narayanan (Miami, USA) and Pr. Thierry de Baere (Gustave Roussy, France) will share their experience with robotics in their clinical practice and how they have been able to bring in successfullly such a disruptive technology to their institutions.

This is a Free session, SPECTRUM conference registration is required to attend. This session is not eligible for CE credits.

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Ablation Master Course

Sunday, January 14th, 8:00am - 4:00pm

Join Dr. Govindarajan Narayanan (Miami, USA) and Pr. Thierry de Baere (Gustave Roussy, France) as they deep dive into the Epione® solution during the Ablation Master Course. Topics covered include:

  • Changes to your workflow with robotics
  • How to perform robotic assisted microwave ablations
  • How to perform multi-needle ablations with robotic assistance
  • Making the case for robotics with your administration
  • Case reviews with tips and tricks

This full day class will also cover MWA, IRE, and Cryo ablation technologies and include hands-on device and robot experience. This is a FREE session, SPECTRUM conference registration is not required to attend. This session is not eligible for CE credits.

Guest Speakers

Meet with the Quantum Surgical Team and learn more about the Epione® Robotic Ablation Platform

Epione® is an all-in-one solution optimizing tumor ablation procedures by combining the power of Navigation, Robotic-assistance, and Ablation Confirmation. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with our experts, schedule live demonstrations, and explore potential collaborations.

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Expert Panel Discusses Early Experiences with Epione®

Get to know our guest speakers

Pr. Thierry de Baere (Paris, France), Laurent Milot (Lyon, France) and Dr. Govindarajan Narayanan (Miami, USA) sit down for an Interventional News Expert Panel discussion on robotics in Interventional Oncology.

The panel of experts discuss their early experiences and discovery moments in which they realized the value of Epione®, what they feel are the clinical advantages of Epione®, as well as how to initiate a robotic program within a practice or hospital.

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The SPECTRUM conference is hosted at the
JW Marriott Marquis Miami
255 Biscayne Way, Miami, FL 33131

January 11-14, 2024

Visit for more details and conference registration.

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