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Unique end-to-end solution to Plan, Target, Deliver and Confirm tumor ablation

Our journey begins with liver cancer which is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide.

Key figures about liver cancer

Liver Cancer
3.2+ Million new patients Diagnosed each year with primary or secondary liver cancer
3rd Most common Cause of cancer death in 2020
830,000 Deaths From primary liver cancer in 2020

Epione® in 4 simple steps


  • Define tumor/margin
  • Select ablation modality and number of probes
  • Visualize ablation zone coverage with 2D/3D image fusion software


  • Register robot to patient
  • Synchronize respiratory monitor
  • Place ablation probe in safety lock needle guide


  • Send robot to target down planned trajectory
  • Deliver ablative therapy per manufacturer guidelines


  • Take post-op CT and overlay with pre-op images to assess results
  • Compare tumor volume to ablation zone to confirm achievement of end-point

Epione®, a new category of interventional oncology robotics

Epione® is an open robotic solution compatible with any imaging systems. The medical robot is designed to allow physicians their choice of any ablative technologies (radiofrequency, microwave, cryoablation, irreversible electroporation) so they can decide the right therapy for each individual patient.

Epione® transforms interventional oncology

Our goal is to dramatically ease multiple probe procedures which will make treatment of large tumors more predictable.

Epione® is the only interventional oncology robot that offers 6 degrees of freedom and unprecedented dexterity to access difficult trajectories when targeting abdominal tumors.


“ Once its safety and performance on both primary liver tumors and liver metastases have been confirmed in the clinical trial, the device may prove to be a valuable aid in increasing the accuracy and widely disseminate less invasive percutaneous tumor destruction treatments for patients.”

Professor Thierry De Baere
Head of the therapeutic Imaging Department at Gustave Roussy Hospital.

“ This first thermo-ablation with robotic assistance completely treated the tumor with an excellent margin.
We couldn’t have done better. The patient is doing very well. He went home the very next day, ready to return to normal life. ”

Professor Boris GUIU
Interventional Radiologist, Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Saint Eloi (Montpellier University Hospital).

Epione® is the only solution combining:

Multimodal Planning

  • Fusion of CT and MRI images
  • Enhance the visualization of the tumor

Respiratory Monitoring

  • Real-time respiration tracking
  • Synchronization of respiration
    for probe placement

Post-Ablation Treatment Confirmation

  • Fusion of pre-and post-ablation images
  • Verification of ablation margins
    after treatment

Robotic Guidance with Navigation & Haptics

  • 6 degrees of freedom for unprecedented dexterity
  • Universal needle guide
  • Quick & safe needle release

Epione® device is CE marked and FDA cleared.

For product information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse effects, refer to the package insert. To obtain a copy of the current Instructions for Use (IFU) for full prescribing and risk information, please reach the technical support at +33-448-194-050


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