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Quantum Surgical SAS (Headquarters)
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Quantum Surgical Inc.
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Quantum Surgical

The future of percutaneous interventional procedures is today

We aim to set new standards in cancer treatment by enabling more patients to benefit from better-targeted and less invasive treatments.
Relying on the know-how of the physician, our Epione® robotic platform can treat inoperable tumors in the abdomen and the lungs. 


An innovative solution for interventional oncology

Epione® is a robotic-assisted technology to plan, target, deliver and confirm tumor ablation.

Using the power of robotics and image fusion technology, Epione® provides clinicians the ability to target challenging tumors.

The Epione® device is CE marked for abdomen and lung indications, and FDA cleared for abdominal ablation indication

Our mission

Standardize minimally invasive cancer treatment

While more than 6 million new abdominal and lung cancers are diagnosed every year, Quantum Surgical’s purpose is to offer an innovative approach to cancer treatment, accessible to a wider population, allowing more patients to benefit from state-of-the-art, more targeted, and less invasive treatments.

To achieve this goal, Quantum Surgical has developed the Epione® robot, dedicated to the curative and early treatment of cancers. It enables physicians to treat tumors that are inoperable or particularly difficult to reach, due to their size or their location, at an early stage without surgical intervention, in a simple and effective manner.

Our Vision

Our key strategic pillars:


We leveraged an extensive medical robotics background in orthopedics, neurosurgery and spine to deliver innovation in Interventional Oncology.

Medical Robotics

We are focused on designing technology which will overcome current challenges, expand physician capabilities and help standardize treatments.

Interventional Oncology

Our goal is to transform medical intervention and provide access to cancer treatment in the least invasive manner possible.    


Quantum Surgical is recruiting

At Quantum Surgical, we are recruiting the brightest minds and most creative innovators that thrive in a start-up environment.