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Press releases / Tuesday Feb 11, 2020

Quantum Surgical forms collaboration with PA-HP for AI Research in Early Cancer Treatment

Quantum Surgical, an innovative surgical robotics company, and AP-HP announce their collaboration on a future robotics solution.

This collaboration is part of a research project conducted by the team of Professor Valérie Vilgrain, head of the radiology department at the AP-HP Beaujon Hospital. This is a study carried out using health data from patients admitted to AP-HP for liver tumor destruction and collected in the French AP-HP Health Data Warehouse.

The project has received a favorable opinion from the EDS AP-HP Scientific and Ethics Committee.

“We are honored and delighted with this partnership. This data will allow us to multiply the many ways in which we can advance health image analysis within the context of our AI project” explains Bertin Nahum, CEO, and co-founder of Quantum Surgical.

“AI research is an excellent opportunity to encourage academic/industry collaborations.” explains Professor Valérie Vilgrain, Head of Radiology at Beaujon AP-HP Hospital.

What you need to know about the AP-HP Health Data Warehouse:

The Health Data Warehouse focuses on a shared computational infrastructure, providing tools and services to speed projects between data producers and data users. HDH contains both administrative and medical data of more than 8 million patients either admitted or visiting any of the 39 PA-HP hospitals.

Health Data Warehouse enables massive health data to be used in a variety of ways. It offers an opportunity:

  • to develop scientific research in the field of healthcare by facilitating multi-center research that does not involve living people, feasibility studies for clinical trials and the development of “artificial intelligence” (AI) algorithms.
  • to improve hospital planning and management

The Health Data Warehouse is a governance structure involving healthcare actors (researchers, physicians, healthcare institutions, citizens, start-ups, R&D laboratories and patient action groups).

Find further documentaries here.

Quantum Surgical in a few words

Co-founded in 2017 by Bertin Nahum, Quantum Surgical is an innovative Robotic Surgery Start-up company based in France’s Montpellier region that is aiming is to conceive an innovative solution; a combination of powerful software and robotic platform for minimally invasive therapies in liver cancer. This platform combining robotics, image analytics, and artificial intelligence will allow more and more patients to benefit from safer interventional oncology procedures, especially in the case of early-stage liver cancers. The incidence of liver cancer in the population is, unfortunately, growing very rapidly. It is one of the most common cancers with more than 8000 new cases each year in France and 800 000 cases in the world. Further information is available on our website: https://quantumsurgical.com/


About l’AP-HP :

Europe’s leading hospital and university centre (CHU), the AP-HP and its 39 hospitals are organized into six university hospital groups (AP-HP. Centre – University of Paris; AP-HP. Sorbonne University; AP-HP. Nord – University of Paris; AP-HP. Paris Saclay University; AP-HP. Henri Mondor University Hospitals and AP-HP. Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris Seine-Saint-Denis) and are organized around five universities in the Paris region. Closely linked to major research organizations, AP-HP has three world-class university hospital institutes (ICM, ICAN, IMAGINE) and the largest French health data warehouse (EDS). A key player in applied research and healthcare innovation, AP-HP holds a portfolio of 650 active patents, its clinician-researchers sign nearly 9,000 scientific publications each year and more than 4,000 research projects are currently under development, all promoters combined. In 2015, AP-HP also created the AP-HP Research Foundation to support biomedical and health research undertaken in all of its hospitals: http://www.aphp.fr

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