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Press releases / Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Quantum Surgical receives NMPA market authorization for its Epione® robot to treat abdominal cancers in China

Montpellier, September 21th 2023 – French medical robotics company Quantum Surgical has obtained market authorization from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for the use and commercialization of its Epione® robot in China. Epione enables early and minimally invasive treatment of abdominal tumors. Nearly 610,000 new cases are diagnosed in China each year[1].

Quantum Surgical’s flagship product, the Epione® robotic platform, is dedicated to the curative treatment of cancers. Epione® allows physicians to treat inoperable tumors that are particularly difficult to reach, due to their size or their location, at an early stage, in a simple and effective way.

Epione® can be used to treat abdominal tumors (including the liver, kidneys, and pancreas) and over 200 patients have already been treated in France and the United States.

The NMPA market authorization allows for offering this innovative, better targeted, and minimally invasive treatment to new patients in China, where nearly 610,000 new cases of abdominal cancers are diagnosed each year.

“Thanks to the NMPA market authorization, we are very excited to be able to offer our Epione® solution to interventional oncologists in China. This is an important step that will provide Chinese patients with an innovative and minimally invasive treatment to treat their abdominal tumors at an early stage, while improving their comfort” says Bertin Nahum, President and Co-founder of Quantum Surgical.

“The NMPA market authorization confirms the effectiveness of Epione® and, above all, the relevance of its deployment in China, where nearly 610,000 cases of abdominal cancers are diagnosed each year” explains Laetitia Messner, Chief Clinical Officer of Quantum Surgical.

Epione® is a robotic-assisted percutaneous ablation system, using a robotic arm, a navigation system and a camera.

This procedure is an alternative to surgery in which a needle is inserted through the skin to the tumor to destroy it. This technique makes it possible to treat tumors that are particularly difficult to reach, due to their size or their location.

Relying on the know-how of the practitioner, Epione® integrates all the steps of a percutaneous ablation procedure in a single platform: planning, targeting, ablation, confirmation.

A demonstration video of the Epione® robot is available here.

 About Quantum Surgical

Quantum Surgical is a French medical robotics company based in Montpellier. As a key player in health innovation, Quantum Surgical develops concrete solutions to the major public health problem which is cancer. Available in Europe and the United States, its Epione® robotic percutaneous ablation platform is dedicated to the curative and early treatment of cancers. Quantum Surgical thus offers a new approach to cancer treatment by standardizing access to care. More patients can benefit from innovative, better targeted and less invasive treatments. More than 200 patients have already been treated worldwide.

Co-founded in 2017 and with a team of 100+ employees, Quantum Surgical is based in Montpellier, with an international reach. Quantum Surgical received the Prix Galien USA in 2022, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for biopharmaceutical research.

More information: www.quantumsurgical.com

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[1] Globocan, 2020

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