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Press releases / Monday Dec 11, 2023

Quantum Surgical sells its first Epione® robot in the US

Montpellier, December 11th 2023 – Popular Equipment Finance (DBA K2 Capital Group), a leader in equipment financing solutions in the US, has acquired Quantum Surgical’s Epione® robot. Popular Equipment Finance (DBA K2 Capital Group) works with top healthcare organizations across the U.S, including the renowned Cancer Center where Epione® was used in May 2023 to treat the first cancer patient in the territory

The Epione® robotic platform is dedicated to the curative and early treatment of inoperable tumors in the abdomen (including liver, kidney and pancreas). A renowned cancer center in the US started using Epione® in May 2023 and has now entered a lease agreement with K2.

“It’s very exciting that our group is the first in the Americas to use Epione® to treat abdominal tumors bringing such cutting-edge technology to mainstream clinical practice. The robot’s accuracy is remarkable; we have shortened procedures times for complicated procedures and reduced radiation exposure for both the patient and the physician. Epione® is now part of our standard protocol for ablating abdominal tumors.” says Dr. Govindarajan Narayanan.

“The entire Quantum Surgical team is thrilled about this first acquisition in the United States. Patient treatment and customer satisfaction are our priorities, and we are very proud of the positive feedback we’ve received from our users, which will help accelerate Epione®’s adoption in the US territory” says Bertin Nahum, President and Co-founder of Quantum Surgical.

As a reminder, Epione® is a robot-assisted technology designed to plan, target, perform, and confirm tumor ablation in the abdomen. Epione® allows physicians to perform safe and effective percutaneous tumor ablations, a minimally invasive treatment in which one or more needles are inserted through the skin to the tumor to destroy it.
Epione® is CE marked in Europe for abdomen and lung tumors, and FDA cleared for abdominal tumors. Epione® is also available at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Center in Villejuif, as well as at the Hospices Civils de Lyon. Over 300 patients have already been treated worldwide.

About Quantum Surgical
Quantum Surgical is a French medical robotics company based in Montpellier. Its Epione® robotic percutaneous ablation platform is dedicated to the curative and early treatment of cancers. Quantum Surgical thus offers a new approach to cancer treatment by standardizing access to care. More patients can benefit from innovative, better targeted and less invasive treatments. More than 300 patients have already been treated worldwide.
Co-founded in 2017 and with a team of 100+ employees, Quantum Surgical is based in Montpellier, with an international reach. Quantum Surgical received the Prix Galien USA in 2022, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for biopharmaceutical research and joined the governmental French Tech 2030 program in 2023.

More information: www.quantumsurgical.com

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