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Press releases / Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

Following CE Mark approval Quantum Surgical announces the commercial launch of Epione® its medical robot dedicated to liver cancer

Quantum Surgical, an innovative medical robotics company, announces that it has recently obtained CE mark approval for Epione®, its robot designed for minimally invasive treatment of abdominal tumors. This authorization allows the commercial launch of Epione® on the European market.

Epione® is a robotic solution developed to help physicians perform safer and more effective percutaneous ablations in the abdomen, a minimally invasive treatment in which a needle is inserted through the skin to the tumor to remove it. Epione® ensures reliability and accuracy, two key factors to improve current practice and reduce variability. Epione®, assists practitioners in managing patients, from preoperative planning to the end of the procedure.

The CE mark follows the successful treatment of 21 patients with the Epione® robot in a multi-center clinical study completed earlier this year.

“This is a major milestone for Quantum Surgical, as the CE mark approval is the starting point towards the commercialization of the robot. This clearance will allow many more patients to benefit from Epione® as there is a significant need for minimally invasive therapies in cancer treatment,” declares Bertin NAHUM, CEO, and co-founder of Quantum Surgical.

About Quantum Surgical

Quantum Surgical is an innovative medical robotics company committed to contributing to the development of tomorrow’s healthcare. It aims to set new standards in cancer treatment by allowing more patients to benefit from innovative, targeted and less invasive treatments.

Quantum Surgical is introducing Epione®, a unique robotic solution designed to assist physicians plan, guide, and assess percutaneous ablation of tumors in the abdomen, a technique in which a needle is inserted through the skin to the tumor to remove it.

Co-founded in 2017 by Bertin NAHUM, Quantum Surgical is headquartered in Montpellier, France.

For more information, please visit Quantum Surgical and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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