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News / Press releases

Press contact:
Stéphanie Moy
+33 (0)6 32 55 85 48

New Study: American Public Largely Supportive of the Use of Surgical Robots in Cancer Treatment
Jul 2, 2024 | Press releases
55% of American citizens express concern about younger generations being affected by cancer (compared to 37% of Germans). […]
100th Patient Milestone with Epione® Achieved at US Hospital
May 08, 2024 | Press releases
MIAMI, FL– May 8, 2024 –  This week, Epione will celebrate another milestone at a leading cancer institute […]
Cancer: Quantum Surgical organizes its first European symposium at ECIO 2024 conference
Apr 22, 2024 | Press releases
April 28 – May 1, Mallorca, Spain Montpellier, April 22nd, 2024 – Quantum Surgical will attend the European […]
Quantum Surgical receives €30 million loan from the European Investment Bank, with the support of InvestEU
Mar 27, 2024 | Press releases
The Montpellier (France)-based medical robotics company Quantum Surgical, has secured a financing of €30 million from the European […]
The Paoli-Calmettes Institute adopts Epione®, Quantum Surgical’s minimally invasive surgical robot that destroy cancerous tumors
Mar 14, 2024 | Press releases
Marseille, March 14th, 2024 – The Paoli-Calmettes Institute (IPC) acquired Epione®, Quantum Surgical’ robotic platform which enables curative […]
Cancer: 400 patients have already been treated with Epione®, Quantum Surgical’s robot designed to treat tumors
Feb 26, 2024 | Press releases
Montpellier, February 26th 2024 – Since it was launched in 2021, 400 patients have already been treated with […]
Pr. Laurent Milot (Lyon) and Dr. Govindarajan Naranayan (Miami) to join Quantum Surgical Scientific Advisory Board
Jan 18, 2024 | Press releases
Montpellier, January 18th 2024 – French medical robotics company Quantum Surgical expands its Scientifc Advisory Board (SAB) with […]
Quantum Surgical to take part in the Spectrum conference on interventional oncology
Jan 09, 2024 | Press releases
Montpellier, January 8th, 2024 – Quantum Surgical will attend the Spectrum conference held in Miami on January 11-14 […]
Quantum Surgical sells its first Epione® robot in the US
Dec 11, 2023 | Press releases
Montpellier, December 11th 2023 – Popular Equipment Finance (DBA K2 Capital Group), a leader in equipment financing solutions […]
Quantum Surgical receives the 2023 JFR Innovation Award from the French Society of Radiology and Medical Imaging
Oct 05, 2023 | Press releases
Montpellier, October 5, 2023 – French medical robotics company Quantum Surgical has been awarded the 2023 JFR Innovation […]

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